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tree-662829_1280What is ecovolunteering ?

Ecovolunteering consists in working as an intern in a company or a scientific team dedicated to environment protection. It can be governmental or non-governmental organization, associations, labs, construction sites… The missions offered by NNF specifically deal with biodiversity and our main concerns (see Our Areas of Intervention). The aim is to work in direct contact with nature and to learn the specificities of the habitat. It is meant to be an authentic fieldwork with experienced specialists.

Ecovolunteering programs by NNF offer a singular experience. You will be a direct contributor to the protection of species and of their environment, to understand how research works, and to get updates on the most recent scientific advances. You will discover new places, far from the beaten track of mass tourism, and encounter local populations.

NNF and its partners have no commercial activity. Its partners are mostly associations, NGOs or public offices.

All of the projects set up by NNF are thought and created with the participation of local associations and coordinated by local volunteers.

Who can apply for NNF ecovolunteering programs?

NNF ecovolunteering programs are mostly targeted at students. Nevertheless, every application is taken into account, and it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge or skills on biology or ecology. Ecovolunteering missions are diverse: census of endangered species, reforestation, education of natives or tourists…

How to apply?

First, you need to read information about available programs (see below). Then, contact us !



Available programs

No available programs.