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Invasive species in the United Arab Emirates


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uae_on_world_mapUnited Arab Emirates,located in the northern part of the arabic peninsula, are characterized by a warm and dry climate, generally arid. It makes the introduction of exotic species extremely difficult : they develop most of the time in places with human activity or infrastructures, in particular if those places are degraded or abandonned. That is also why the majority of invasive species in the United Arab Emirtates are vertebrates, as opposed to other regions of the world, rather threatened by plants. Initiated by the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, a first project aimed to measure the threat posed by invasive species in 2013. Since then, different workshops have taken place, according to the measures recommended by the Convention for Biological Diversity, which the United Arab Emirates signed. Research on invasive species is still young in the United Arab Emirates : the possible management means are still to be studied.

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