Nature Network Fund

Our values, our aims, our commitments

Founded in 2012 in Geneva, the association NATURE NETWORK FUND leads actions in the entire world in favor of biodiversity and the preservation of endangered species. Created by Jean Hauss, the association is essentially funded by its donators and partners.

Its two main domains of intervention are the fight against invasive species and the protection of endangered species.

Our action is articulated around 3 focuses:

  • Acting for awareness-raising and information
  • Developing a network. Link associations fighting for biodiversity by sharing information, forming partnerships and creating contacts
  • Promoting a sustainable and responsible tourism. Developing programs of ecovolunteering and top-of-the-range tourism, to lead actions while learning about the challenges of sustainable development.

NNF is a non-lucrative association, and so are all of our partners. None of our activities are commercial.

Our aim is to partly reimburse our planet the “ecological debt” we incured. In order to do this, we are fighting the harmful action of humans leading to the depletion of natural environments.

Education is our first tool: it is about raising awareness and changin hamful behaviour, so that the action of each of us is a part of a responsible approach of our way of life.

Or aim is to implement as many actions as possible with an immediate and direct effet on the preservation of natural environments.