The development of human society had often occurred at its environment’s expense. Today, it is important to fight together for the preservation of ecosystems and the protection of endangered species.

Our actions

Number of species threatened by disappearance in 2016


Mammals threatened by disappearance in 2016

Numbers of species which disappeared because of the direct action of humans in the last 500 years

According to the most recent studies, one species disappears every 20 minutes in the world. Some of them are simply victims of evolution or natural processes: scientists estimate that any species has a limited lifetime, between 5 ans 10 millions years. But since a few centuries, the process of disappearance has grown faster and faster: human societies, which have a bigger and bigger impact on their environment,  are the cause of the threat on biodiversity.

The main threats on biodiversity are: Les principales menaces qui pèsent sur la biodiversité sont :

  • the destruction and degradation of the habitat
  • resource overexploitation (fishing, extraction, poaching…)
  • pollution
  • diseases
  • foreign species invasion
  • climate change, which implies migrating changes

The "hotspots"

The biodiversity hotspots are especially threatened geographical zones: according to the definition, theses zones contain at least 1500 endemic species and lost 70% of its primary vegetation. 34 spots are counted as hotspots today on our planet.

Green: hotspots in 2000. Blue: hotspots added in 2004.

Examples: where do we act?

Protection of natural habitats
mountain goats
Protection of sea turtles


Since 1981, all species of sea turtles are listed as endangered species in the Washington Convention.

Protection of European hamster

Credits: Agnieszka Szeląg

Protection of falcons