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Jean Hauss

Founder and president of NNF. Manager of Switzerland Area.


Jean has engaged in nature protection missions for 15 years. A graduate of the Toulouse Business School, his commitment runs parallel to his career in finances and administration. Nowadays, Jean is active in several environmental associations and foundations, as an administrator or an accountant.

Stéphanie Hudin

Responsible for the scientific commission.

Doctor in ecology and vice-president of the Société Nationale de Protection de la Nature (French national society for the protection of nature), Stéphanie wrote her thesis on the ecology of the conservation of the salt marshes in Camargue (“sansouïres”). She elaborated and managed the development of serveral technical, scientific and communication tools dealing with management strategy against invasive species in the Loire Basin.

Jürg Walther

Manager of the Arab United Emirates Zone.

Through his work, Jürg has many contacts in the Arab United Emirates. During his frequent travels, he was struck by the contrast between industrialization and modernity in the cities and fragility in the natural environments. This realization made him want to commit for biodiversity with NNF.

Marie Friess

Webmaster and communication manager.

After her masters in literature, Marie makes her writing and IT skills available for NNF. She also commits everyday to raise awareness on sustainability issues, in order to make our behaviours change towards more respect for nature and animals.